Gender: Girl

Age: 21(Actually 146)

Weight: 100 lbs.

Birthday: August 12, 1865(2010)

Release: March 9, 2011

Voice Range: ?

Genre: Sad, Classic, Sometimes pop

Character Item: Locket with picture of creator in it.

Voice Source: Luka Megurine

Likes: Dogs, cleaning, her master.

Dislikes: Dirt, people who killed her master, mice.

Related Characters: Gumi and Luka Megurine

Homepage: NONE

Creator: Josh Fiddle( Aryn, anmiegodess from youtube)

Signature Song: Kokoro

Story: Down

Number: 120908

Personality: Nice, sometimes mean, gets affencive easliy

Voice: Luka Megurine; Audacity, low 30.000 then low 14.000


F2-Zo was built in 1865. Her master was Josh Fiddle. He made her because he Edit

was getting lonely ever since his wife and his daughter,Rose, died. He also madeEdit

F2-Zo for being a housekeeper. Then all the sudden, F2-Zo shut down(or fellEdit

asleep). Her master wrote a note before he was killed. Then when F2-Zo woke up,sheEdit

found herself in the basement of the house. She looked around. She saw theEdit

note and opened it up and she read it:Edit

Dear F2-Zo,Edit

If you found this, then I am dead. I'm sorry my child. But, go out to the city, and singEdit

to make money. I know you can sing. Just try.And the year is not 1868 my dear.Edit

Go to a store and check a calander. Then you will know. And, I left you $4 billonEdit

dollars. I am sorry I'm not here. I love you my child. Greatly.Edit

From, Master. Edit

And F2-Zo cried for the first time. She went to a mirror and let her hair down. She putEdit

threw her hair band holder. And cried. Her clothes were not white, they were tan. She cried untilEdit

Gumi and Luka Megurine found her. Luka and Gumi said they would take care of F2-ZoEdit

until they died. F2-Zo's closest friends were Luka and Gumi,and somehow, they all becameEdit

sisters. Edit



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