Untitled drawing by ritaxvictor-da4344s


A robot from the year 3550, she is agile, cunning, and the talkative robot queen of the Rolias Clan. She can strech her arms and legs to 100x their normal length, and can expand her always-hidden robo-jetpack-wings to fly and even levitate. Gentei learned about 2016 one day, and wanted to go back in time. The Vocaloids held prisoner by the clan determined that she would fry during time travel, but, alas, she survived, and will sing for you!

Height: 7 foot 3

Weight: 275lbs

Likes: Power, electricity, copper, ruling, internet, chaos, murdering, and peanut butter

Dislikes: Being a civilian, low power, jam, lagging, no internet

Download Link: [1]

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