Drawings by kisokaimichu-d4bgqzl
Age: 15
Weight: Unknown
Birthday: 22nd October 1996(2011)
Release Date:1st October 2011
Voice Range:
Genre:Pop,Rock and R&B
Character Item: Camellia
Voice Source:Rin Kagamine
Likes:Camellia's, cats, rabbits and robots
Dislikes: Miku Hatsune, dogs and Kaiko Shino
Related Characters: SF-A2 Miki and Rin Kagamine
Homepage: No
Creator: KisokaiMichu on Devineart
Signature Song: Meltdown
Number: R0201
Personality:Quiet, Shy, and caring


Michu's real name is, Mikunasi 'Michu' Kisokai she lived with her older sister Kikosia 'Shikuka' Kisokai and Younger brother Naruzero 'Zero' Kisokai. Michu has always loved iNSaNItY by Sf-A2 Miki ft. Kaito and has taken Miki as a rolemodel aswell as Rin Kagamine after listening to her song Meltdown and Butterfly on your right shoulder(ft. Len Kagamine).

Michu and Zero were split up from Shikuka after a storm and didn't know where she went then they found Rin, Len and Miki.


Long grey hair, has pink eyes her skin is grey/white and she has patches of dark grey on her face, neck and arms. She wears an Aqua shirt, red shorts and a purple boot and green boot. Michu normally wears a red Camellia or white Camellia in her hair on the left hand side just a little bit infront of her purple headphone strap.

Name meaning:

Michu can be spelled Mishu

Kisokai can be spelled Kiosk

Kisokai(kiosk) means 'bitch'

Michu(Mishu) means 'I miss you'

Mikunasi means 'Goddess of Beauty, Intelligence, Love and Fun'


Kisokai Zero

Kisokai Shikuka

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