Drawings by kisokaimichu-d4bkh37
Age: 20
Weight: Unknown
Birthday: 22nd October 1990(2011)
Release Date:1st October 2011
Voice Range:
Genre:Pop and R&B
Character Item: Skull
Voice Source: Akita Neru
Likes: Skulls, Wolves and lilys
Dislikes: Miku Hatsune, Rin Kagamin and Luka Mergurine
Related Characters: Akita Neru and Lily
Homepage: No
Creator: KisokaiMichu on Devineart
Signature Song: Meltdown
Number: R0403
Personality: Annoying, loud and expresive


Shikuka's real name is Kikosia 'Shikuka' Kisoka. Her younger sister Mikunisa 'Michu' Kisokai and younger brother Naruzero 'Zero' Kisokai look up to her and respect her alot.

Shikuka gets along well with Lily and Neru, especially Neru because they both hate Miku Hatsune.

Shikuka was left with her younger siblings after her motehr and farther were taken apart bolt by bolt by there master, and she was afraid that they would be too so Shikuka ran away with Zero and Michu.

Michu and Zero were split up from Shikuka after a storm and didn't know where she went then they found Rin, Len and Miki. Shikuka found Neru and Lily after the storm, she was fixed up by then and she looked brand new after they helped. She then went on to find her younger siblings and live a normal robotic life.


Blond hair, grey eyes, black skin and white patches. She has red headphones with a skull on the side and green lips. She wears a orange jumper and pink skirt. She has a red bow and black clips, also her number on her right arm.

Name Meaning:

Kisokai can be spelt Kiosk

Kisokai(Kiosk) means 'Bitch'

Shi means 'Shit Ku means 'Cool' Ka means 'Spirit or Soul'

Kiko means 'Cute' Sia means 'Smile in Appreciation'


Kisokai Zero

Kisokai Michu

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