Drawings by kisokaimichu-d4bi9n8
Age: 10
Weight: Unknown
Birthday: 22nd October 2001(2011)
Release Date:1st October 2011
Voice Range: Unknown
Character Item: Cat Plushie
Voice Source: Mikuo Hatsune and Len Kagamine
Likes: Cats, plushies, Rin Kagamine and Miku Hatsune
Dislikes: Kaito, Meiko, Lily, Akita Neru, Luki Mergurine and Luka Mergurine
Related Characters: Len Kagamine and Mikuo Hatsune
Homepage: No
Creator: KisokaiMichu on Devineart
Signature Song: Don't Say Lazy (Len and Mikuo)
Number: R0103
Personality: Cute, Kind, Cheerful, Active and Caring
Voice: Unknown


Naruzero 'Zero' Kisokai is Zero's real name. His sisters are Shikuka and Michu Kisokai. Zero gets along with Len Kagamine and Mikuo Hatsune really well, so well that they have been friends since her got split from his sisters.

His biggest secret crush on Rin Kagamine but also has a crush on Miku Hatsune.

Zero has never been able to sing or talk because his master didn't give him a chip to make him have a voice, so now his carries around a cat plushie that speaks for him.

He has had Mikuo and Len sing for him so he can uplaod the song to his plushie and so it can become his own song in his own way, he also wishes one day he will have a voice and will not have to keep using his plushie his mother and farther gave him when his was 4 before they were taken apart.


Zero wears an Aqua shirt with a white tie, he has green eyes, grey hair with blonde streaks and wears a pink head band with pink neko ears attached. Sometimes Zero wears a pink neko tail his skin is light grey with patches of dark grey and white bolts. He also wears black basketball shorts with a red chain and green lines down each side. His number is on his left side under his shirt and also on the back of his shirt.

Name Meaning:

Kisokai can be spelt as Kiosk.

Kisokai(Kiosk) means 'Bitch'

Naru means 'Disturbed' or 'Noise' Zero means 'Nothing'


Kisokai Michu

Kisokai Shikuka

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