� Kyofu is fear in Japanese

oni is demon in Japanese ne is sound in Japanese

Gender: Female

Age:� Made to be 15

Weight:� � 120 lbs

Birthday: November 16th, (created in 2007)

Release Date: October 9th, 2009

Voice Range: 70 ~ 150 BPM

Genre: Goth, Heavy Metal (get It? Metal???�� :D),� J-pop

Character Item: towel

Voice Source: Miku Hatsune

Likes: Kenji, others pain, mecanics, singing

Dislikes: Vocaloids, your mom, humans, people who point out her missing arm and eye.

Related Characters: Miku Hatsune and your mom

Homepage: none

Creator: Samandmorgie on youtube� or Samomo on Deviantart


She's a mean girl who likes to be pretty alot. She's nice if your not annoying or Human...


none yet.

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