Matsuki realistic

She has a human face and robot body :,Big breasts'greenshirt,detachable sleeves,blue skirt,green hair,gray eyes,ear mike.

Matsuki is diffrent from all the other roboloids because  she is the end of the roboloids Matsuki is a cleansing program

made to delete and depower the roboloids but she doesnt do her job very well she is often defeaten by the roboloids and a bit

scared of them and another twist with her is that the scientists forgot her command chip she doesnt know what help means

one day the lab was being rampaged by ariana she was there she heard screming and pain her masters scram for help

but unfortunely she doesnt know what that means later on the vocaloids were made she was mopping the floor at

the time she said hello to miku hatsune the first vocaloid she became great freinds with miku she asked to be

a vocaloid the scientists said no matsuki began to cry 'WHY CANT I  BE PERFECTED' the scientists had better plans for matsuki

when matsuki turns 16 they shall make her completley human same with her voice a year goes by matsuki is 14 she falls in love with

rinosukee owatoshi she did everything to win his heart and it worked he promised he would make her human at 16

and marry her when shes 20 he was 15 working at the lab he was the chef and he did they lived happily together i promise

this summer matsuki sorority will sing like a human i will make my own little series called roboloid (fixed)

that series will be only for me until someone joins in so matsuki has a happy ending unlike all the other roboloids

but before her happy ending comes she has a terrible voice all because  the scientists were lazy her personality

is very silly and clumsy she often and only sings about happy things her bestfreind and only roboloid freind is shion larakappa

she often gets in fights with piko the obviously first roboloid ever built and loves spending time with the one she  loves

i use audacity to make and edit her voice

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