Matsuki Sorority isnt exactly what you call a roboloid shes actually the one who will hopefully destroy it(not really she quits xD to be with the one she loves)

she has a horrible voice so far but when she turns 18 the scientists promise her that they will use there technolgy to turn her into a pure human

and havee a pure human voice which i will do in summer with the vocaloid program  so anyways matsuki is

a program built to destroy every roboloid unfortunely she doesnt know what help means one day her master was being killed by

ariana and all matsuki did was stand there scared (she is Horrified by ariana)(piko as well) she doesnt kow what help means because the

scientists forgot to fix one of the chips they forgot was mountfunctioning matsuki lived in fear of the roboloids and became best freinds

with the  vocaloids matsukis voice was no were close to there voice she asked the scientists if she could become a vocaloid

they said no they can make her even more then a vocaloid she can be human when she reached the age 18 by then they would have

the right technolgy. Matsuki is always thinking about her killed maker she wishes she knew what this so called "help' meant she hears

it but cant compute towards it she asks to herself why? the anwser is because she is a roboloid the scientists hid it as long as they could

she was upset and disgusted by her self but she remebered what the scientists said she will beccome human so she kept on living she only sings

of happiness. one day when i get tired of making her voice i will make myself a series called roboloid fixed . anyways her personality is

clumsy and silly she loves bothering the roboloids except ariana and piko her bestfreind and rival is shion larakappa even though she is a enemy

they spent alot of time together matsukis age is about 15 at the moment she dislikes mean roboloids normal ones shes ok with but will eventually have to kill them

she likes singing and playing and fighting with only roboloids. she is scared of the violent roboloids I use audacity to make and edit her voice

I am the creator and you can find me and my other roboloids including matsukis songs and videos at my youtube channel 911sushi
Matsuki realistic


Gender: Female (Dont you see the unidentified bumps under her shirt xD)

Number: 101


Genre: Every single one

Related: No one


Signature song :r0b0l0id Matsuki S0r0rity-Renai Circulation

Character Item: Taser (to attack the roboloids)

Every thing i havent mentioned that i was supposed to is in her story

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