Mei Roboloid by DiseasedCandy

Mei Hisoka 3nd generation


Mei Hisoka 2nd generation

Mei means dark in japanese.

Hisoka means secret in japanese.

Grender: Female

Age: 9 (Real age 509)

Weight: 70,5 lbs (32kg)

Birthday: 5th April 2010

Release date: 8th April 2010

Voice range: 70 ~ 150 BMP

Genre: Pop & Rock

Character item: Creepy old doll (who used to be cute)

Voice source: Miku Hatsune

Likes: Happy things, cats, dolls, things that have something to do with the friday 13th

Dislikes: her sister, robots, the fact that she's a robot, her skin

Related characters: Rin Kagamine, Yuki Kaai, Neru Akita

Homepage: none yet

Creator: clubpend on YouTube

Story: Down

Number: 0305

Personality: nice, calm, can get psycho sometimes, caring, cute

Voice: Use Miku Hatsunes voice in FreeAudioEditor '''and change pitch to 120 - 130


Mei Hisoka 1th generation


Mei Hisoka's original name was Fumika Hisoka, her sister's name was Mai Hisoka. Both of them hated each other and Mei (Fumika) didn't want it to be that way. She tried many times to connect with Mai, saying "We're sisters, we shouldn't fight." but Mai wouldn't listen to her. Mai loved to build robots and had a whole lab full of her crazy robots. One evening when Mei (Fumika) was in the lab with Mai, something strange happend with Mai's invention the "computer"; it started glowing green. Mai checked it up and told Mei (Fumika) that it said something about Robots but Mei didn't understand.

"Do you want to help me?" asked Mai after a while. "If I promise we'll never fight again?"

Mei (Fumika) wanted that so much that she didn't even listen to what she was going to help with. Mai pressed a button and everything went black. Mei (Fumika) woke up after a while (she thought) and everything around her was all dusty. She found a note on the floor next to her, saying

"Dear Fumika, thanks for helping me out! Sorry if I wasn't able to wake you up but if you do wake up, the year is no longer 1508. I guess you've been sleeping pretty long. I named you Mei it says that on your arm, I hope you like robots... We'll I guess I'll never see you wake up again but just so you know sis- whole my life I've tried to wake you up..."

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