Gender: Female

Age: 14

Weight: 250 Pounds

Birthday: October 31st, 1995

Release Date: June 7th, 2010

Voice Range: Low, Not Very High

Genre: All kinds, specialty is Jpop

Character Item: Small Doll

Voice Source: Luka Megurine

Likes: Dolls, Babies, Luka Megurine, Animals, The Moon

Dislikes: The Sun, Teenagers, Food, Being a Roboloid

Related Characters: Miku Hatsune

Creator: potimusmaplestory From YouTube

Number: 1011

Personality: Nice, very shy. Hates her creators. Like a sister of Luka. She has a dark side that she hates.

Voice: Changed Pitched with FreeAudioEditor


She was Created on Halloween by a bunch of colledge students studying robots. After She was created, they saw the disaster she was. So on halloween they used her as accessories.

Outraged, NIJI Killed her 3 creators with a gun the next night because of the act. After that, she went insane of killing them. As a result, she tore her cover for her body apart, and she destroyed her creator's dorm.

When she left and found a warehouse to live in. There the owners of the warehouse left tools and items and NIJI wanted to go back to normal so she started to fix herself. There she found a little doll and she named it NINI, after herself.

After 2 years she learned how to take care of herself and repaired her outer layors of skin and clothes.

She met Luka Megurine when she was 5 years old. Together they learned all about each other and not long after that they found out her voice was made out of Luka's. Now NIJI doesn't mind singing with NINI in her arms and Luka with her.

Now she is getting along with everyone but still tricks many people.

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