Gender: Female

Age: 20

Weight: 130 pounds

Birthday: July 2nd, 1989

Release Date: June 7th, 2010

Voice Range: Extremely High

Genre: Jpop & Rock

Character Item: Long Sword

Voice Source: Miku Hatsune

Likes: Killing, Fighting, Playing Alone

Hates: People, Vocaloids, Utauloids, Roboloids, Herself

Related Characters: Akita Neru, Miku Hatsune, Haku Yowane

Creator: potimusmaplestory of YouTube

Signature song: Daughter Of Evil

Number: 601

Personality: Solitary, Likes being alone. More on the EMO side.

Voice: FreeAudioEditor


She was built by a Teenager who wanted a friend. She did not know how to control the emotions on her so she was made solitary. Sad, the teenager was about to destroy her but Ookami killed her creator even had a chance. After that she wondered the world with no friends.

She found a old house that no one lived in. And SHE lived there.

She found a joy in singing when she was 11. So, she started her career at age 15.

She grew to have only 1 idol and that is.....TAKE A SECOND TO GUESS! :D

Zatsune Miku.

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