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   Welcome to the ROBOLOID wiki! This site will have all information about Roboloids, their creators, and what songs they sing. Look below for definitions that may help you understand the ROBOLOID world better. Enjoy your stay! =)

What is "Roboloid"?

Roboloids are a Pre-Vocaloid branch of singing machines that... didn't quite come out as they were intended. They are a group of fanloids that are obviously computer programs/robots. Their voices are edited from famous Vocaloids such as Miku Hatsune, Rin and Len Kagamine ect. The voice of Utaus such as Teto & Ted Kasane are used aswell. They are aimed to sound incomplete, defective or demonic. Anyone can make a Roboloid. Roboloids were created by CarrieDenyes of YouTube.

What is "Vocaloid"?

Vocaloid and Vocaloid2 are voice synthesizing applications. There are many different vocaloids, such as Meiko, Kaito, Miku Hatsune, Rin and Len Kagamine, Gakupo Kamui, Luka Megurine, and Gumi. There are also the English Vocaloids, including Sonika. official Vocaloid wiki

What is "UTAU"?

UTAUloids refer to voice banks that work on Vocal Synthesizer Tool UTAU, with accompanying anime-inspired avatars, just like Crypton's Character Voice Series for VOCALOID. The reason for segregating them is to differentiate them from Fanmade Vocaloids that use existing voices and run on Yamaha's Vocaloid and Vocaloid2 platform, or those supplied with actual singing voices. Because UTAU has the ability to manually import voice sounds from WAV files, it is quite easy to create "our own" UTAUloids- which has resulted in a large boom of voice banks from all over the world. official UTAU wiki

Creators (YouTube user names) :

All Roboloid songs and creators can be found here



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