Here are all the Roboloids so far. If we missed your Roboloid, all you have to do is send us an e-mail and we'll add it. (SORRY!I DIDDN'T MAKE THIS WIKI BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! I'm sorry to put this on here and all,but how exactly do I send in my Roboloid? I don't know what to type in as the email adress and I feel stupid for this but I don't know where to comment or anything, it's not like Youtube T.T)

In the e-mail make sure to add the following details:

Gender:Boy or girl?
Age:How old?
Weight:How much do they weigh? (Not necessary)
Birthday:When were they created?
Release Date:When did you let the world notice your roboloid?
Voice Range:Just go on the vocaloid/utau wikis to find out by seeing which your roboloid is based off of
Genre:What kind of music does your Roboloid like to sing?
Character Item:Miku has her leeks, Len & Rin have their road roller. What does your roboloid have?
Voice Source:Which Vocaloid/Utau's voice does your roboloid come from?
Likes:Self explanitory...
Dislikes:Also self explanitory...
Related Characters:Who does your roboloid resemble? Miku? Teto? Neru?
Homepage:Does your roboloid have it's own homepage? If not just leave this blank.
Creator:Your user name and from which site that's from (ex. Akita from DeviantArt or Kasane from YouTube)
Signature Song:The song that really describes your roboloid, Miku has the leekspin, for example.
Story:A link to the story of your roboloid. Post it on DeviantArt or on YouTube
Number:You know how Teto's number is 0401? Or how Miku's is 2-01? Or Rin & Len's are 2-02? What's your roboloid's?
Personality:A short paragraph about your roboloid
Voice:How did you make/edit the roboloid's voice? With wich program? 

- Mei Hisoka

- Setsuna Sasaki                  

- Tama Hane

- Hikari Kokorone                       - Holly

- Piko Kinzokune                         - Buro

- KoiKoi                                      - Kane

- ParuParu                                 - Dusk & Dawn                           

- Tanya                                          - Shion Larakappa

- Akane                                             - Matsuki Sorority

- Mijime

- Gnash

- Iku

- Ookami Takanowee

- Yura & Yuki Kurokane

- Saito Shion

- Mecha


- Kanene

- Maryion

- Yukiko

- Moamai Waremene

- Ariana

- Sakebu & Onchi Makine

- Arson

- Amira Konitazu

- Fushoku Koe

- Leo

- Emily

- Naikeni

-Kyofu Onine



- Josei Kinzoku & Otoko Yori

- Niji Suzuki

- Michu Kisokai                       -Zero Kisokai                           - Shikuka Kisokai

- Kaitora Yamitora

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