Drawings by kisokaimichu-d4bkfmc
Birthday:16 August 2003(2011)
Release Date:2nd October 2011
Voice Range:Unknown
Genre:classical and pop
Character Item: sea shell
Voice Source:Iroha Nekomura
Likes: Sea Shells
Related Characters:Who does your roboloid resemble? Miku? Teto? Neru?
Creator:KisokaiMichu on devineart
Signature Song: Sanctuary
Personality: quiet, shy, kind, caring and helpful.


Kaitora Yamitora is a shy girl and was spilt from her mistress when she was young. She was cared for and treated like a real person even though she was a robot, her mistress always took her to the beach and she has a collection of sea shells to remember her by.

Kaitora found a note with the box of sea shells saying

Dear Kaitora

I' sorry I'm not there with you

I have an important trip to do, I hope you are okay

Don't get into any trouble or leave the house.

I will be back as soon as I can to see you again.

I hope you like the box that I left with the note, open it and you will love what's inside,

I made the box myself for you it is encased with sea shells and diamonds.

All my love...

Luna Yamitora.

Ever since Kaitora has carried the shell box with her and when she left the house she never returned because she found out that her mistress died in a plane crash.


She has purple hair and neck ears, a pink collar with gold lins and a silver tag. Her head phones are pink and blue with a golden dtrap, she has dark blue eyes, her skin is grey with glod patches and she wears a red sailors shirt and black shorts with a red strap and black bow.

Name Meaning:

Kai means 'Shell or Ocean' Tora means 'Tiger'

Yami means 'Dark' Tora means 'Tiger'

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